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Many patients come into my Bronx office with complaints of blurry vision. This can often be due to a myriad of reasons including astigmatism, glaucoma, and dry eyes. But as a patient gets older the lens in the eye can be cloudier which is called cataracts.

Definition: Cataract is a condition where the lens becomes more opaque. The analogy we often use is instead of looking through a clear window, you are looking through one that is dirty. Often it is tough to see the small print. Symptoms:

Patient will often notice a gradual decrease in vision espescially with reading and watching television. Depending on the cataract, patient can also fine that sunlight bothers them as well.


Cataracts can be monitored if it is not affecting a patient's vision. Though with time, most cataracts do progress and get denser. Wearing polarized sunglasses that protect the sun is one way to try to reduce the progression. When the cataract is significant, surgery is often suggested. Modern surgery has advanced tremendously where it is a same day surgery and the majority of patients have excellent results. It is important to discuss with your doctors all the risk and benefits when talking about any eye issue. At South Bronx Eyes, Dr. Alevi will take you step by step to discuss the procedure and your options.

AUTHOR David Alevi MD David Alevi is a board certified corneal specialist and founder of South Bronx Eyes.
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