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Should I do Selective laser trabeculoplasty?

Patient with glaucoma often get confused with the different options when it comes to glaucoma therapy. Selective laser trabeculoplasty (SLT) has been increasingly popular as an adjunct to glaucoma therapy.


Laser trabeculoplasty was introduced as early as 1979. At the time Argon laser trabeculoplasty was used which often had more side effects. The currently SLT has been shown to be less destructive histopathologically thus presumably helping reduce side effects.

Mechanism of action:

SLT targets intracellular melanin to help with outflow from the trabecular meshwork and reduce intraocular pressure.


Each patient is examined to see if they are the right candidate. SLT is used for patients who have a diagnosis of some form of glaucoma. Patients often are started on glaucoma drops first to see that will provide enough of a pressure drop. In patients who have difficulty placing drops or are non-compliant, SLT can often help in lowering the pressure. Your doctor will use gonio to make sure your angles are clear enough to perform the procedure.


Dr. Alevi, a board certified Ophthalmologist in the Bronx, performs all our laser surgery at South Bronx Eyes.  Patient is explained the procedure and consent is signed. Afterwards a numbing drop is placed and the procedure is performed usually taking around 5 minutes. Afterwards, the patient stays in the waiting room for one hour so Dr. Alevi can check the pressure after the procedure.


Patients are usually told to follow-up in 2-4 weeks to check intraocular pressure and discuss future plans.  

AUTHOR David Alevi MD David Alevi is a board certified corneal specialist and founder of South Bronx Eyes.
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