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Eyeglasses are as much a method of correcting your vision as they are an expression of your personal style. People in and around Concourse Village in the Bronx can rely on the expert care and individualized attention they receive at South Bronx Eyes: David Alevi, MD. Dr. Alevi provides comprehensive eye exams and vision correction for kids and adults who need new eyeglasses or want to update an old prescription. Call the New York City office today or request an appointment online.

Eyeglasses Q & A

How do I select the best lenses for my new eyeglasses?

Once Dr. Alevi performs an eye exam and writes a prescription to correct your vision, he recommends different types of lenses that will help you see clearly, reduce glare, and even keep the sun out of your eyes. 

Some different types of lenses that he may recommend based on your individual needs include:

  • Aspheric lenses
  • Photochromic lenses that automatically get darker in sunlight
  • Impact-resistant polycarbonate lenses
  • Thin, high-index lenses
  • Thin, impact-resistant lenses
  • Bifocals
  • Progressive lenses
  • Lightweight plastic lenses

Depending on your lifestyle, Dr. Alevi may also suggest antireflective coatings to reduce glare when you look through your eyeglasses. Antireflective coating can help you see better at night, too, since it reduces glare and reflections from streetlights and car headlights. 

While you take time picking out frames you love, it’s just as important to choose lenses for your new eyeglasses that meet your needs. 

How do I select the right eyeglass frame shape for my face?

At South Bronx Eyes: David Alevi, MD, you’ll find a wide selection of designer eyeglasses to choose from and a helpful staff to recommend styles that work best for your face. 

Consider comfort, shape face, and skin tone when you select new eyeglass frames and keep these general guidelines in mind:

  • Oval face: eyeglass frames that are as wide or wider than your face; avoid narrow frames
  • Heart-shaped face: eyeglass frames that are wider at the bottom, or thin, light-colored frames
  • Square face: narrow frames soften angles and make your face look longer
  • Oblong face: frames that are deeper than they are wide can provide balance
  • Round face: angular, narrow eyeglass frames can make your face appear longer and slimmer

Of course, don’t forget to keep your personal style in mind when choosing frames. Once you find a shape you like, consider colors and designs that help you best express your individual sense of style. 

How do I know if my kids need eyeglasses?

Dr. Alevi treats every member of your family, so if your kids are having trouble seeing the whiteboard at school, or you notice they are sitting too close to the TV or holding their electronic devices close to their faces, it may be an indication that they need eyeglasses. 

Dr. Alevi conducts a thorough eye exam to rule out any serious eye conditions and prescribes eyeglasses to correct a variety of common vision problems, including nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism. 

To schedule your exam, contact South Bronx Eyes: David Alevi, MD located in Bronx, NY, by phone or through the online booking system.