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Among the most common eye infections are “pink eye” or conjunctivitis, and styes — both of which are contagious. If you need treatment for an eye infection, visit South Bronx Eyes: David Alevi, MD, in Concourse Village in the Bronx. Expert ophthalmologist Dr. Alevi can diagnose and treat your condition before it causes more complicated eye problems or affects your vision. For styes, pink eye, and other common eye infections, contact the New York City office by phone or online to schedule an appointment and get the advanced care you need.

Eye Infection Q & A

What are the signs of an eye infection?

Eye infections are typically the result of a bacteria or virus, but sometimes they occur from a fungus or a parasite. Symptoms may appear in one or both eyes and include:

  • Red, itchy, irritated eyes
  • Eye pain
  • Burning sensation in your eyes
  • Sensitivity to light
  • Eyelids crusting over while you sleep
  • Small, painful lump under your eyelid
  • Tender lump at the base of your eyelashes
  • Excessive tearing
  • Pink color in the white part of your eyes
  • Abnormal discharge from your eyes
  • Swollen eyelids
  • Sensation that something is in your eye

Some eye infections, like keratitis, can cause blurry vision, too.

What are some common types of eye infections?

Common eye infections that come from contact with bacteria, fungi, or viruses include:

    • Conjunctivitis or pink eye: an inflammation of the blood vessels in the conjunctiva β€” the thin, outer membrane of your eye


  • Styes: a pimplelike bump in an oil gland on your eyelids


  • Keratitis: an infection of the cornea β€” the clear layer that covers your pupil and iris
  • Blepharitis: an inflammation of the eyelids
  • Uveitis: an inflammation of the uvea β€” the central layer of your eyeball
  • Ocular herpes: an inflammation and irritation of the eye, also called eye herpes
  • Eyelid cellulitis: an infection of the tissues in your eye
  • Endophthalmitis: a severe inflammation of the inside of your eye

Most of these eye infections cause irritating symptoms that require professional treatment to alleviate the condition. 

What treatments are effective for eye infections?

When you come to South Bronx Eyes: David Alevi, MD, with symptoms of an eye infection, Dr. Alevi first evaluates your condition and diagnosis your specific type of infection. 

He then prescribes effective treatments that include oral antibiotics, medicated eye drops, or antiviral medications that focus on relieving symptoms and clearing up the underlying cause of the infection. 

While your eyes heal from the infection, you may not be able to wear contact lenses and you may need to clean your eyes more frequently to prevent the infection from returning, as is the case with styes and blepharitis.

It’s best not to wait to seek treatment for eye infections. The sooner you get expert professional care, the sooner your infection will clear up and you can avoid vision problems and other complications. 

To schedule your exam, contact South Bronx Eyes: David Alevi, MD located in Bronx, NY, by phone or through the online booking system.