What to do with a Chalazion aka how to get rid of the red bump on my eyelid

Symptons of Chalazion

Patients usually presents with inflammation or redness along the eyelid. Often a bump can be seen and is tender to touch. The person will endorse that it has worsen over a period of time. Usually they have had some in the past which resolved.


Assessing your Chalazion

According to the AAO, patient with skin conditons such as Rosacea or blepharitis are often at risk as well as those with diabetes. But often it can come out of no where. You should ask yourself how long has this been going for? Did you just travel or is there any new makeup you have worn? 


Causes of chalazion

Every eye has meibomian glands which are glands that produce a lipid oil that helps moisten the eye. The glands are critical for helping the eye be hydrated and making sure the tears don't evaporate once on the eye. At certain times due to a multitude of causes these glands can be blocked which lead to a chalazion/stye.


Treatment of Chalazion

It is critical to come at the first signs of a chalazion as it can often be more difficult to resolve the issue as time goes by. Warm compresses 5 minutes a day twice a day is often the beginning step to treatment. By warming the lipid (fat) content you can transform it to a liquid and thus help resolve the chalazion. Other treatments can include injection of steriod to help with the inflammation, using oral antibiotics (Doxycyline), and if it just doesn't resolve incising the chalazion. At South Bronx Eyes, Dr. Alevi has extensive experience with chalazion and the best treatment to help resolve the issue as fast as possible.

David Alevi MD David Alevi is a board certified corneal specialist and founder of South Bronx Eyes.

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