Keeping dry eyes at bay so you never have to worry about your eyes being irritated and annoying.

Symptoms of Dry Eyes         

Dry Eyes is a chronic condition that effects a large portion of the population. Often under diagnosed, dry eyes can lead to symptoms of irritation, itchiness, blurry of vision, and multitude of other symptoms.


Risk Factors of Dry Eyes:

According to the Mayo clinic, risk factors include poor diet, older age, and wearing contact lenses. But Dry eyes still has a multitude of causes which need to be analyzed and assessed.

Assessing your Dry Eyes

As a dry eye specialist, I often get asked what the best way to treat patient's irritated and dry eyes. Patient should first assess when the dry eye occurs, do they use contact lenses, and what drops they are currently using. All of these can influence the level of dryness a patient has. In addition, the difficulty in dry eyes is it can have many different causes. A well trained Ophthalmologist will try to find the cause of the condition as opposed to just treating with over the counter drops. To speak generally, dry eyes can either be due to lack of tears being made or evaporative difficulties. Both can cause similar symptoms, but each have different ways of being treated. At South Bronx Eyes, Dr. Alevi does a dry eye protocol including looking at tear production, evaporative tendency of the eye, and multitude of other tests to find the best treatment for your eyes.

Treating Dry Eyes

In addition, we have the latest treatment and procedures to help those with extensive irritation and issues with dryness. Artifical tears can be a good start for mild dry eyes. But as the condition progresses, treatment such as punctual plugs, compressing the meibomian glands, and restasis/xiidra are sometimes use to help manage the condition. In addition for severe cases we sometimes use serum tears. Regardless of what stage of dry eyes you are, it is important to see an eye doctor to help treat and manage the condition.

David Alevi MD David Alevi is a board certified corneal specialist and founder of South Bronx Eyes.

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